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Unconflicted and software-focused

We don’t drill wells. We help others drill wells.

AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering is unbiased and independent. Our innovative software works with all data, regardless of source. By using our software, our customers achieve greater efficiencies and reduce recovery costs.

Our sole focus is on software innovations that advance exploration and subsurface characterization. We don’t sell exploration, drilling or well completions; we’re completely unconflicted and have the freedom to be aligned solely with our customers’ and end users’ best interests.

Our position is unique:

  • Our sole investment is in the creation of integrated software solutions based on industry workflows that are then combined with comprehensive services, support and training.
  • We are not owned by an integrated oil-field services company and can therefore serve our customers without constraints due to proprietary data types.
  • AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering solutions provide a rapid return on investment, lower exploration and development costs, and therefore lower prices for energy consumers.



Other solutions are part of an end-to-end oilfield solution that includes many integrated offerings. This may sound good in the short run, but long term it’s hard to overlook that their primary revenues are driven by the number of wells drilled, not by the quality of their software results. This creates a tremendous opportunity for conflict.

The goal is not to drill more wells – the goal is to drill wells more efficiently and profitably.  Our product suite helps our customers optimize their entire process and ultimately derive more value from their total investment.