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Emerson Academic Software Program

Supporting research and the next generation of geoscientists.

The Emerson Academic Software Program provides institutions of higher learning with access to Emerson state-of-the-art exploration and development software to improve students’ and researchers’ understanding of the subsurface. The program is designed to help prepare students for a future career in the energy industry or earth sciences by giving them hands-on access to state-of-the-art Emerson applications for seismic processing and imaging, seismic and geologic interpretation, reservoir characterization, formation evaluation, structural and reservoir modeling, and well planning and drilling engineering, based on their educational and research requirements.

Emerson software is currently used by over 230 academic institutions around the world to help them achieve their academic goals, and supports advanced research aimed at enabling ground-breaking discoveries in the field.

The Emerson Academic Software Program is available in two models:

For Industry--Sponsored Academic Researchers:
Emerson University Research Program
The Emerson University Research Program provides software for industry-sponsored research for a nominal software license usage fee.  Researchers can conduct subsurface studies using the same commercial Emerson solutions that have helped oil and gas companies around the world to better understand subsurface structure, properties, conditions, and petroleum systems.  In addition to selected software products, Emerson offers five academic bundles, each of which can be leased annually for a minimal administration fee, with the option to add products if desired.

For Classroom and University-Sponsored Research:
Emerson University Grant Program
The Emerson University Grant Program provides students with licenses for Emerson software applications, to further expand their collective understanding of the subsurface. The software is supplied at no charge on the condition that it be used in the classroom, for educational purposes only.  Additionally, all participants in the program undertake to acknowledge Emerson and its software in any published papers or professional presentations that used the software to support the results in the publication.  Any university that is willing to honor these criteria is eligible to receive licenses free of charge.

To apply, or for any questions about the Emerson Academic Software Program, please email

Emerson software is granted under a license that restricts its use to educational or research purposes (not for commercial use). Upon issuing grants to all institutes of higher learning, we request that Emerson and the Software product(s) will be acknowledged in any published papers or professional presentations that used the Software to support the results of the publication. In addition, the Emerson ​Software cannot be shown or demonstrated to representatives of companies that also market or develop geophysical or geological software or services.