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Professional Alliances

Deriving maximum benefit.

AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (SSE) is in alliance with a number of industry leaders with the goal of working together to provide maximum benefit to our customers.



Dassault Systèmes, "The 3DEXPERIENCE Company", is a European multinational software company that develops 3D design, 3D digital mock-up, and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions.  Dassault Systèmes has partnered with AspenTech SSE to develop Reservoir Driven Production Risk Management (RD PRM) a combined software and services offering that focuses on optimizing completion strategies in unconventionals, and anticipating fault reactivation.



Ephesia Consult SA is a consulting firm specializing in research and development for the evaluation of natural resources and risk assessment. Ephesia Consult’s IMPALA is a fully parallelized algorithm for modeling facies using multipoint statistics simulation. It is both fast and compact in terms of RAM requirement. IMPALA uses a hybrid tree-list method which allows optimizing the storage and retrieval of the statistics computed on the training image; it also enables the use of incomplete and non-stationary training images.

IMPALA is available with the SKUA-GOCAD™ facies module, helping practitioners create geologically realistic reservoir models.



Geovariances is an independent software vendor providing complete Geostatistics solutions, innovative methodologies, experts, and software packages. SKUA-GOCAD provides a direct link to Isatis, Geovariances’s geostatistical package. At each stage of a project, SKUA-GOCAD users may seamlessly exchange data between the two software platforms, and benefit from both Isatis’ advanced geostatistics capabilties and SKUA-GOCAD advanced structural modeling and gridding technologies, improving the accuracy of earth models.



IFP Energies Nouvelles is a world-class public-sector research and training center aimed at developing the technologies and materials of the future in fields of energy, transport, and the environment. It provides public players and industry with innovative solutions for a smooth transition to the energies and materials of tomorrow – more efficient, more economical, cleaner and sustainable. IFPEN fosters knowledge transfers between long-term fundamental research, applied research and industrial development.

IFPEN is committed to seeing the outcome of its research exploited by industry. IFPEN aids the conversion from invention to innovation, from patent to product, and from research to industry. Since its inception, IFPEN has been a driving force for industrial development, with more than 40,000 patents to its credit filled in France and throughout the world (including more than 12,700 active patents).

AspenTech SSE and IFPEN have partnered to deliver key technology to the industry, including Kine3D™ - the 3D and 2D restoration functionality available in our subsurface modeling offering, and the Constrained Stratigraphic Inversion functionality in our inversion offering.



Interica has provided sophisticated information management software and consultancy services to blue chip customers in Oil & Gas for over 20 years. The Interica range of expertly developed products include: Project Retrieval & Archiving System (PARS®) for long term project archiving, SmartMove® for Tiered Storage Management, Intelligent Data Store™ (IDS) for Tape Virtualization, and Project Resource Manager™ (PRM) for discovery, analysis, and reporting on how E&P project files are used and stored. These products are currently installed in over 200 locations worldwide.

The Interica PRM and PARS products offer comprehensive support for project aware discovery, analysis, reporting, archiving and backup of Epos™ projects. Detailed project information (metadata) is captured and stored within the archive to enable the rapid location and restoration of projects.



KIDOVA is a consulting company focused on research and development projects that deliver innovative and efficient solutions in multiple geoscience-related fields. KIDOVA’s expertise includes multivariate geostatistics for natural resource and risk assessment, naturally fractured reservoir characterization and modeling, upscaling of porous and fractured rock properties, and simulation of single and multiphase fluid flow in porous and fractured media.

KIDOVA partners with AspenTech SSE to offer cutting-edge software solutions that meet the needs of environmental and geothermal professionals on top of SKUA-GOCAD.

The SoilRemediation Suite, developed as a SKUA-GOCAD extension, provides affordable solutions for environmental data management, visualization and analysis, geostatistical modeling, and risk analysis of contaminated sites.

KIDOVA also developed a link between SKUA-GOCAD and the TOUGH2 Suite of flow and mass / heat transport simulators.



Mira Geoscience supplies the mining industry with practical, cost-effective, and sophisticated 3D earth modeling and 3D-GIS technology. Mira Geoscience software solutions are based on the GOCAD™ Mining Suite Base Module, a mining-customized extension to the AspenTech SSE GOCAD modeling engine. GOCAD is the world's most advanced 3D geological modeling system, a generation ahead of conventional mining industry geological modeling technology. Geologists, geophysicists, geochemists and engineers create, interpret, and share a 3D, quantitatively consistent, highly visual model of the earth



Petrosys is an industry leader in mapping, surface modeling, and data management software solutions. The Petrosys® product suite produces high-quality maps and manages, edits, and analyses the underlying data, including the specialized seismic, well and other information used in the quest for oil and gas. Petrosys has developed connectors to the Epos infrastructure that enable the effective integration of Epos repository data with the Petrosys mapping solutions.


PetroVision Energy Services is an international petroleum engineering consultancy providing integrated and specialized consultancy services mainly in the areas of integrated field development studies and reservoir management, reservoir engineering and simulation, production engineering and optimization, well test interpretation services, training, and on-site technical support. PetroVision’s well test services typically cover well test design, conventional well test analysis, wireline formation testers, numerical well test modeling, complex systems, deconvolution, and training. AspenTech SSE and PetroVision are collaborating in the development of the Interpret™ well test analysis software.


Quantum Reservoir Impact (QRI) combines the fundamental tenets of reservoir management, proprietary metrics and processes with advanced analytics, using AI and machine learning to automate complex workflows. In doing so, QRI provides their clients with actionable insights and practical solutions to very difficult technical challenges, and in a fraction of the time compared to the industry standard. QRI helps oil & gas operators, banks, and investment groups create value through advanced analytics, diagnostic solutions and extremely efficient methodologies. 


Techco Geophysical Services offers specialized seismic processing applications, with an emphasis on land data, and the detection and correction of near surface corrections for land data processing. These seismic processing modules are now supported within the Echos seismic processing offering, ensuring that Echos customers using Techco modules will be able to work effectively with the latest versions of the Epos infrastructure.


TIBCO OpenSpirit® provides software and tools that enable multi-vendor application and data connectivity and interoperability for oil and gas E&P industry software, including an OpenSpirit Data Connector for Epos repository data. The TIBCO OpenSpirit Runtime not only provides a framework for connectivity between a number of E&P industry software repositories, it also includes a variety of tools to assist E&P Data Managers.