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Geothermal Energy

A renewable energy source providing clean electricity and heat for direct use

AspenTech recognizes the unique challenges associated with different types of geothermal projects: conventional and enhanced systems, as well as advanced geothermal systems that tap into geothermal energy using closed-loop designs. Through a comprehensive offering of customized subsurface software and services, we provide geothermal operators with technologies for:

  • Improving resource discovery and assessment
  • Multi-type data integration and management
  • Unified 3D visualization, geologic modeling, and time-dependent data analysis
  • Permeability structure detection and characterization
  • Chemistry of thermal fluid analysis
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Well planning and drilling engineering 
  • Seismicity monitoring and reporting

"Eavor Technologies Inc. is actively applying Aspen subsurface science and engineering solutions in its geothermal exploration activities, building a compilation of worldwide geothermal assessments that help guide our business investment decisions."
Todd Stuebing, Principal Geoscientist, Eavor Technologies


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AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (SSE) Solutions Help Companies Achieve their Business Goals


CASE STUDY: SKUA-GOCAD Creates a 3D Reservoir Model at The Geysers Geothermal Field 


CASE STUDY: HITA NV Uses SKUA-GOCAD in a Geothermal Project in Belgium

AspenTech SSE Products for Geothermal Energy

Professional Alliance Provides Maximum Benefit to our Customers

AspenTech partners with KIDOVA to offer cutting-edge software solutions that meet the needs of environmental and geothermal professionals on top of SKUA-GOCAD. 

As part of the GEOTREF research project, KIDOVA is developing tools to help mitigate geological and associated financial risks by better tackling geothermal resource uncertainty issues at the exploration or prefeasibility stage.