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Data Management

A multi-project environment for data sharing and collaborative work.

The Epos™ infrastructure and data management solution presents a new approach to data management which is truly aligned to the activities of oil and gas companies - an agile, distributed database which removes the constraints and data duplication requirements of legacy systems. Mature, flexible, and feature-rich, the Epos database can be easily adapted to changing performance requirements and storage locations as datasets change and grow.


Epos eliminates the borders that once separated geophysicists, petrophysicists, geologists and reservoir engineers. Based on client-server architecture, Epos facilitates collaboration between multi-disciplinary groups of geoscientists. Each Epos database can be shared by all other disciplines quickly and directly, with no need for space- and time-consuming duplication. All data pertaining to the project can be displayed in one unified visualization canvas, giving you the complete picture for your drilling decisions.

Epos data sharing benefits include:

  • The single entry point into an Epos Project makes it easy to assemble a group of seismic surveys and well information into one entity for collaborative work by asset teams on a regional basis.
  • Users can work privately on their own data and then share them with colleagues over the company network.
  • A common infrastructure for all AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (SSE) software applications and repositories makes them easy to organize and administer.
  • User permission and access control tools optimize data security and strengthen the Project Administrator’s management capabilities.
  • The Notes function enables team members to share information and results