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Create fully SKUA-GOCAD-compatible applications for your systems.

SKUA-GOCAD™ software development kits (SDKs) provide a plug-in or runtime development environment. Hundreds of plug-ins have already been developed by oil companies, software companies and universities. SKUA-GOCAD libraries have also been included in many third-party applications, for use as the modeling engine of these applications.

The first reason for the popularity of these development kits is their fast prototyping environment. The development of a plug-in eliminates the cost of re-implementing menus, archiving, and 2D or 3D viewers. The development framework enables the addition of new options or commands inside the SKUA-GOCAD interface. It also provides a fast prototype environment with the automatic generation of a user interface for every new command. These new commands are automatically scriptable and can be inserted in the application menus.

The second reason for the popularity of these kits is their openness. The API gives access to all modeling objects in read/write mode. The API provided is the API used by Paradigm developers to develop our own internal plug-ins.

Finally, the SDK is available on both Windows® and Linux®. It is C++ and Qt based.

The SDK architecture allows plug-ins to utilize data objects, algorithms, graphics, the command framework and the workflow engine.

The Command Framework, based on the Command pattern design, allow the user to describe a command in a specific language (called CLI). This description enables the Command Framework to generate the UI for this command, as well as understand the new command in GOCAD script. The developer can specify the code to enable undo and redo operations on the command.

The workflow engine enables the developer to describe a workflow in XML, define the UI for each panel of the workflow, and define the transition condition between panels.