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Reservoir Simulation and Analysis

Scatterplot display of uncertainty parameters and observed ​​​​​data values across 3000 runs

Reservoir simulation is one of the best tools for representing the dynamic behavior of oil and gas fields; and predicting how much oil or gas will be produced and over what period. Modeling physical processes as complex as black oil, steam, polymer, dual porosity, equation of state, and coalbed methane is complicated and involves countless uncertainties in understanding the subsurface. 

The AspenTech SSE Tempest™ suite of reservoir simulation and analysis tools for is ideal for preparing and navigating simulation input, submitting and monitoring runs, visualizing and analyzing results, performing assisted history matching, and predicting production uncertainty.  In concert with SSE's reservoir characterization and modeling solutions, the suite provides a powerful unified system enabling seamless collaboration.  It includes an open ecosystem for setting up automated, reproducible, and auditable ensemble-based workflows. The workflows help propagate uncertainties and capture their dependencies, using the unmatched Big Loop uncertainty analysis capabilities.  The result is probabilistic predictions that enable asset teams to spend more time analyzing the results and building a common understanding of the reservoir.