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Simulation Model Building

Forecasts you can trust

Capturing the impact of interpretation and geological features on reservoir production leads to improved models which are easier to history-match, and which yield forecasts you can trust.  AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (SSE) offers a user-friendly platform for building, maintaining, and post-processing simulation models. With our software, reservoir engineers can create simulation models that more accurately capture the interpreted structure and stratigraphy of the reservoir, its compartmentalization, its petrophysical content, and therefore its connectivity. The integrated environment promotes close cooperation between geoscientists and engineers.  

AspenTech Subsurface SSE's simulation model-building solutions provide an environment to facilitate the propagation of uncertainty, from seismic and geological interpretation and modeling to production profiles.  Users can efficiently launch and analyze multiple flow simulation scenarios to understand their reservoir potential and associated development risks.