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Well Test Analysis

Design and analyze pressure transients with ease.

The InterpretTM well test analysis software is used for the design and analysis of pressure transients, from either traditional production and drillstem tests (DST), or from wireline formation tests (WFT) and testing-while-drilling (TWD) operations, conducted on exploration, appraisal or production wells.


Proven interpretation methods, powerful modeling capabilities, and an intuitive user interface are brought to the petroleum engineer’s desktop through Interpret. The pressure and rate data are quickly and easily read, validated and edited as necessary. The software's powerful and intuitive diagnostics allow the user to easily build even the most complex models. Additionally, analysis is validated and optimized using all analysis plots in combination, resulting in the highest analysis quality and confidence.

Other features Include:

  • Interactive graphic interface
  • Models and analysis methods for wireline formation tests, including snorkel and straddle packer
  • Multi-layer test analysis with flow profiles from production logs
  • Prediction option to forecast future productivity of the well based on the current analysis model
  • Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) for gas well test
  • Flow profiles for multi-layer analysis
  • Plotting of variation in skin versus time to detect changes in well performance
  • Pressure deconvolution for analyzing tests with insufficient or poor quality data
  • Multi-well capability to assist in determining interference effects from other wells