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Dynamic Reservoir Modeling

Dynamic modeling at your fingertips.

The dynamic reservoir modeling solution uses SKUA™ to deliver simulation-ready reservoir models. Using the patented UVT Transform™ algorithm and the Common Earth Model unique to AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (SSE), the integrity of the underlying geology is always maintained. The state-of-the-art SKUA modeling platform enables the preservation of all identified faults and stratigraphic constraints, while limiting numerical errors during flow simulation by constructing optimal grids with orthogonal cell faces. SKUA provides a single user interface to conquer even the most daunting reservoir modeling tasks, from upscaling to flow simulation  and more. 


Upscaling petrophysical properties from a fine-scale reservoir model to a flow simulation model, typically at a coarser resolution, can be a slow and tedious process without the correct tools. With its unique 3D approach, the Dynamic Reservoir Modeling solution facilitates accurate and fast upscaling operations through the use of SKUA applications. 


Competitive offerings that only construct pillar grids may not accurately reflect the reservoir geometry and may lead to numerical errors in flow simulation. Reservoir grids created using SKUA maintain the integrity of the geology, limit numerical errors in flow simulators by preserving cell orthogonality, and provide stair-stepping faults and unconformity grids where necessary. 


SKUA allows geoscientists and reservoir engineers to efficiently construct different reservoir models and identify those that match historical data, and to optimize field development, while yielding geologically sound production forecasts.