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Minerals Play a Major Role in the Clean Energy Transition

Batteries and renewable technologies like wind and solar energies require minerals such as cobalt, lithium and graphite. The energy transition will compel the mining industry to focus on targeting new discoveries. Multi-disciplinary interpretation and analysis of the geological framework are essential in sourcing and extracting critical minerals. 

AspenTech SSE Solutions Help Companies Achieve their Business Goals

Case Study: Reduced risk in mining based on results of EarthStudy 360 Full-Azimuth Imaging


GOCAD Mining Software Suite

Together with its longtime partner Mira Geoscience, AspenTech offers the GOCAD Mining software suite to meet the needs of mining professionals. This is a customized extension of SKUA-GOCAD developed by Mira Geoscience; it is designed for integrated 3D model-building across all commodity types and geological environments, excelling even where drill hole control is minimal or non-existent.