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Big Loop

Make Better Business Decisions through Reliable Production Concept Design and Forecasting.

Big Loop™ is an application-agnostic ecosystem for setting up automated, reproducible, and auditable workflows that help propagate uncertainties and capture their dependencies, resulting in reliable probabilistic predictions.  The workflow is easy to update and enables asset teams to spend more time analyzing the results and building a common understanding of the reservoir.

In Big Loop, subsurface uncertainties captured at every stage of the modeling process are used as inputs within a repeatable workflow. By adjusting these inputs, an ensemble of models can be created via an iterative loop, with their likelihoods constrained by production history and other data. The result is a ready-to-analyze flow model calibrated to multiple geophysical, geologic and production data, ensuring consistency with the underlying geology.

The results provide valuable input that enables asset teams to make recommendations for:

  • Exploration and appraisal
  • Field development
  • Field production
  • Advice to Business Units


  • Evergreen – models can easily be updated with the latest field information​
  • Ensemble – generate multiple models to capture and propagate uncertainties​
  • Collaborative – all domains, from seismic to simulation, contribute to defining the model​

Big Loop represents a fundamentally different way of working. High degrees of automation and integration support repeatable, collaborative workflows, reducing time cycles and dramatically increasing understanding.

Key Features of Big Loop

  • Automated scalable workflows, from G&G to Reservoir Engineering
  • An ensemble-based workflow that tightly integrates the static and dynamic domains, supporting collaborative workflows and reliable risk assessment
  • The ability to quickly and efficiently build models and update them as new data arrives – “evergreen” models
  • Capture, preserve and propagate uncertainties across all domains for better predictions and decision support
  • Generate revised history matched ensembles with minimal clicks
  • Sample through the uncertainty spaces and automatically create hundreds of models. Uncertainties can be automatically combined and generate hundreds of runs.
  • Machine learning-optimized assisted history match – designed to model the reservoir response to parameters in order to minimize the number of models needed to achieve history match

Key Benefits of Big Loop

  • Fully automated cross-domain workflows facilitate easy model updates, enabling domain specialists to focus on analyzing results and not (re)making manual fixes.
  • Aligning disciplines through a common platform increases efficiency, enables better collaboration across typically siloed disciplines, and supports optimal decision making.
  • Improve prediction quantification using ensembles calibrated by all available geology and production data with machine-learning based technologies.
  • Easily understand uncertainties and assess overall reservoir risk throughout the life cycle of an oil and gas field.
  • Machine learning-based – digital transformation enabler
  • Excellent support for third-party simulators including ECLIPSE, CMG, Nexus, tNavigator, INTERSECT, OPM, ECHELON and inhouse simulators.


Big Loop is available as software and services, according to the needs of the customer.

  • Consulting services and support:
    • Big Loop studies as a Service
    • Adoption Management Services: Define a workflow strategy for your assets, customize to solve specific challenges, education series for your team
  • As a product offering incorporating Tempest™ MORE and RMS™, as well as SKUA-GOCAD™ and METTE – all mature and proven solutions
  • Excellent support for third-party simulators, including ECLIPSE, CMG, Nexus, tNavigator, INTERSECT, OPM, ECHELON and inhouse simulators.
  • A flexible offering:
    • Green to brown fields
    • From laptops to clusters
    • On premises to the Cloud

Big Loop is continuing to evolve to match the growing trend of industry digital transformation.

See the Big Loop presentation presented by Camille Cosson, Technical Sales Advisor in the Emerson E&P Reservoir Modeling and Engineering team, at the EAGE Paris local chapter Lunch & Learn, held on May 5, 2020.