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Geologic Interpretation

From traditional marker picking to advanced geology.


Emerson E&P Software geological interpretation solutions enable the traditional geologist to do in a day what used to take weeks – well correlation, facies log calculation, cross-section creation and geological restoration. But more than that – with our geological interpretation solutions, any geologist who chooses to is empowered to go beyond traditional tasks and easily perform advanced workflows as part of a robust 3D geological interpretation solution, extending naturally into the modeling domain.

With Paradigm, you no longer need to use your imagination to visualize the three-dimensional picture based on 2D maps and cross-sections. Our solutions take you into the real 3D world, and include such efficient workflows as:

  • Correlation: Create and link elevation, thickness and net-to-gross maps. As markers are interpreted and edited, maps are updated on-the-fly, enhancing productivity and usability.
  • Geologic restoration: Cross-section, 2D and 3D restorations help unravel geological history