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Geothermal Energy and Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)

Extending advanced O&G subsurface technologies to renewables.

Emerson brings over 30 years of technologically advanced software solutions in the oil and gas, mining and environmental industries to the geothermal energy market. 

We recognize the unique challenges associated with harnessing geothermal energy and we address them through a comprehensive offering of customized subsurface software solutions and services. Geothermal operators can now leverage these advanced technologies:

  • Improved resource discovery and assessment
  • Multi-type data integration and management
  • Unified 3D visualization, geologic modeling and time-dependent data analysis
  • Thermal decline analysis and production forecasting
  • Seismicity monitoring and reporting
  • Natural and induced fracture detection
  • Well planning and drilling engineering
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

How does Emerson help optimize resource development in simple to complex geothermal plays?

  • Evaluate and integrate historical and present data:  Assemble all data related to a field for a regional perspective of an asset.
  • Represent diverse data in a unified 3D environment: Visualize and manipulate data and reservoir modeling 3D for more interactive and accurate analysis.
  • Reservoir management at all resource development stages:  A scalable solution allows diverse organizations to leverage advanced science and software platforms through integrated, customizable workflows.

Integrating all geothermal resource information within a unified 3D reservoir modeling environment improves understanding of the relationships between water injection/steam production, induced seismicity, and fracture systems.  This leads to an ultimate understanding of fluid flow paths, enabling a long-term sustainable reservoir management strategy.

Emerson's integrated approach helps discover the geoscience, drilling and reservoir engineering correlations that are critical for assessing and developing geothermal plays, and creates a centralized location for both data and interpretations.  This has proven to be an effective approach towards long-term reservoir management and seismicity mitigation in geothermal assets.


While microseismic monitoring is used to image induced fractures, the location of microseismic events alone does not ascertain the type or nature of the geomechanical deformation. Without understanding the interaction between induced and natural fractures, simulations of fluid flow through those conduits and production forecasts may be incomplete or even inaccurate.

Emerson combines a rigorous natural fracture modeling workflow with mapping of induced fractures from microseismic data. Patented stimulated path generation and stimulated rock volume analysis allow users to simulate hydraulic fracture networks in high definition (HD). The result is more effective stimulation plans and drilling programs, as well as better control over the number and spacing of wells needed. In addition, continuous monitoring of microseismicity enables users to assess the level of induced seismic activity and report seismic thresholds to national, state and local regulating bodies.


Fully integrated well planning tools enable the planning of a safe trajectory. Formation stress and fracture zone identification technologies contribute to safety and make it possible to target sweet zones. Emerson provides an independent way to model, monitor and interactively modify a well as it is drilled, in order to ensure accurate well positioning for optimal production or injection. Carried out on the Epos™ platform, drilling engineers and geologists have access to a rich set of borehole, geologic model, and real-time data in support of dynamic geosteering operations.


  • Epos: Secure data sharing across projects, locations, and databases, optimizing storage, backup, and data integrity, with no need for data duplication.
  • SKUA-GOCAD™ Fracture Modeling: Integrated chronostratigraphic modeling system with support for time-dependent data analysis and animation, fracture probability modeling, discrete fracture network modeling, property and facies modeling, and a unique stimulation path modeling solution
  • SKUA-GOCAD Well Planning: Embedded well planning in the SKUA-GOCAD modeling environment
  • Sysdrill™: Accurate well planning and safe drilling, on schedule and on budget.

* Data courtesy of Microseismic Inc.