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Interpretation Validation

Accurate interpretation leads to more accurate models.


Results of seismic interpretation, whether automatic or manual, include a sparse representation of a series of horizon and faults. These representations are then transformed into a structural model where faults form a consistent fault network and horizons are correctly faulted. By using all of your data, avoiding simplifications, and working within the revolutionary 3D Common Earth Model, the Emerson SKUA-GOCAD™ subsurface modeling solution ensures accurate interpretations and therefore more accurate geological or reservoir models.


In the past, modeling limitations made maintaining synchronization between the model and the current interpretation difficult. Users lacked the time and expertise needed to efficiently perform these workflows. The Emerson Interpretation Validation solution has succeeded in streamlining this process while preserving the complexity and fidelity of the subsurface interpretation. This breakthrough provides geoscientists with the full range of benefits to be gained by modeling while interpreting::

  • SKUA-GOCAD is able to honor all interpretation data and build a geologically coherent structural model in "one click".
  • The one-click button between SeisEarth™ and SKUA-GOCAD enables users to send their interpretation to SKUA-GOCAD, and to retrieve the fault network, the stratigraphically consistent horizons extended to the fault planes, and the associated fault polygons.
  • The SKUA-GOCAD 3D seismic flatten view, where all horizons are flat and unfaulted, provides a way to quickly check if the horizon interpretation matches the seismic events.



The full-azimuth illumination application is an advanced seismic data mining tool that provides a previously unattainable breadth of knowledge about ray propagation in complex areas. It uses an advanced, interactive ray tracing technology that quantifies the relationship between the surface acquisition geometry and subsurface angles in targeted areas.