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16th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society and EXPOGEF

August 19 - 22, 2019
SulAmerica Convention Center
Av. Paulo de Frontin, 1 - Cidade Nova -
Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Emerson E&P Software is pleased to invite visitors to the 16th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society and EXPOGEF, to join us at booth #28 for daily presentations. Our Subject Matter Experts will be on hand to address your exploration needs and to share the latest workflow solutions for conventional, unconventional, and offshore regimes.

Some of the technologies featured include:  
  • OpenDB 
  • Cloud delivery  
  • Diffraction Imaging with Emerson Geoscience Services
  • Big Loop 
  • Machine Learning for reservoir characterization 
  • Custom Development  
Click here to see the detailed Demo Schedule and Abstracts.
For more information, please contact carmen.comis@emerson.com.

Emerson Papers in the Technical Program

Improving Seismic Images for the Pre-Salt Reservoirs when Updating Salt Stratified Velocity Models,  Alexandre Maul1,2*, Marco Cetale Santos2, Cleverson Guizan2, João Batista Boechat1, María González3, Thiago Yamamoto1,2 & Leonardo Teixeira1,2 (1 - Petrobras, 2 - UFF, 3 - Emerson)
Session:  Velocity Model Building
Date and time:  August 20, 3:45 PM
Place:  Poster session

Gross-Rock Volume Uncertainties Based on the Integration of Velocity Model and Seismic Resolution. Mario Paes¹, Carlos Pereira¹, Alexandre Maul¹, Talles Meneguim¹, Vinicius Pinto², María González², Gerardo González², Randi Sundt Meyer² & Susanna Lervik Furland² (1 – Petrobras, 2 – Emerson)
Session:  Reservoir Characterization
Date and time:  August 21, 11:35 AM
​Place:  Leblon room

Reviewing the Evaporites Interpretation using Well-Log Information in Santos Basin: Benefits and Applications. Rejhane Cunha¹, Alexandre Maul¹, Luisa Helena Rodrigues1, Mônica Noronha¹, Talles Meneguim1, Luis de Campos1 & María González2 (1 – Petrobras, 2 – Emerson)
Session: Petrophysics
Date and time:  August 21, 3:10 PM
​Place:  Poster session

Quantitative 1D Analysis to Fill Log Acquisition Gaps within the Evaporitic Section for Impedance Modelling Purposes. Ciro Climaco1, Alexandre Maul1, Josué Fonseca1, Pablo Barros1  & María González2 (1 – Petrobras, 2 – Emerson)
Session: Petrophysics
Date and time:  August 21, 3:45 PM
​Place:  Poster session

Use of Electrofacies, Spectral Decomposition and Neural Network Seismic Inversion Techniques to Analyze a Fluvial Channel System, Browse Basin, Western Australia, Lilik Hardanto and Hector Busnego, Emerson
Session: Machine Learning and Artificial Inteligence
Date and time:  August 21, 4:35 PM
​Place:  Recreio room

Regional X Local Velocity Models Comparison and Evaluation of Possible Impacts for Seismic Imaging. Frank Bulhões1*, Gleidson Ferreira1, Viviane Shimizu1, João Batista Boechat1, Alexandre Maul1, Josué Fonseca1, Leonardo Teixeira1 & María González2  (1 – Petrobras, 2 – Emerson)
Session: Exploration - Case Histories
Date and time:  August 22, 8:55 AM
​Place:  Poster session