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2013 SPWLA Abu Dhabi Topical Conference

March 03 - 06, 2013
The Jumeirah at Etihad Towers
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Reservoir model of the Aries field, for which full petrophysical uncertainty analysis has been carried out using various different techniques
Petrophysical analysis plays a key role in the estimation of hydrocarbon resources since its results are often the sole information used to determine the hydrocarbon content. There is however a great amount of uncertainty linked to the petrophysical interpretation process. Once acknowledged, it is important to propagate petrophysical uncertainties to resource estimates, but care must be taken to correctly account for dependencies in all the elements of the petrophysical analysis to avoid over-estimating the range of the reserves figures.
This presentation examines the different types of dependencies present in petrophysical interpretations and how they affect resource estimates.
It presents different techniques available to cope with dependencies; and through worked examples, including random, systematic and model based uncertainties, looks at the most effective methods for incorporating petrophysical uncertainty into reservoir models.