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2016 Virtual Lecture Series - Season 2

November 08, 2016
On-Demand via Webcast

2016 Virtual Lecture Series

Season Two of the Paradigm 2016 Virtual Lecture Series consists of nine On-Demand Webcasts presented by Paradigm Subject Matter Experts.  In these videos, you can learn about advanced geoscience solutions that help you minimize risk and maximize production, for more cost-effective drilling.  See how high-definition seismic imaging, advanced interpretation, comprehensive geomechanics, and unique modeling workflows are being redefined to deliver extraordinary results, in both conventional and unconventional plays.

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Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series - On-Demand Webcast Schedule

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Date Released Presentation Title Featured Technology Presenter
June 21

Available on Demand

Enhancing Thin Bed Resolution and Detection with Quantitative Interpretation Paradigm QSI for Reservoir Geophysics Tatiana_sm.jpg
Tatiana Krylova
July 12

Available on Demand
Ensuring Wellbore Stability with Geomechanics and Pore Pressure Prediction Geolog®  Gavin-colour-(1).JPG
Gavin Baldwin
July 26

Available on Demand

Diffraction Imaging from Full-Azimuth Data and Legacy Data for Improved Structural Resolution EarthStudy 360® Kashif-(1).jpg
Kashif Shuakat
August 9

Available on Demand
Extract Higher Definition Fault Information from your Seismic Data SeisEarth®  Tatiana_sm-(1).jpg
Tatiana Krylova
August 23

Available on Demand

Maximize the Efficiency of your 2D Reprocessing - the Best Results, Fast GeoDepth®
Kashif Shuakat
September 13

Available on Demand
Capturing Geological Model Uncertainties to Improve De-risking SKUA-GOCAD™ Camille_Cosson_sm.png
Camille Cosson
October 25

Available on Demand

Facies Classification and Prediction to Improve Understanding of Reservoir Heterogeneities Stratimagic® Philippe_Ecoublet.jpg
Philippe Ecoublet
November 8

Available on Demand
Developing 3D Mechanical Models to Evaluate Reservoir Stability against Production Scenarios SKUA-GOCAD™ Camille_Cosson_sm-(1).pngCamille Cosson