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EAGE Conference & Exhibition

June 01 - 05, 2015
IFEMA - Feria de Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Paradigm welcomes EAGE delegates to booth #240 at the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) Conference & Exhibition, to be held June 1-4, at IFEMA Madrid.  We have assembled a multi-disciplinary program for all geoscientists aimed at helping you meet today’s drilling challenges and mitigate risk, both environmentally and economically.

Join us as we reveal how Paradigm innovation and vision are fueling energy programs.  Multi-disciplinary geoscientists will present integrated workflows around these themes:
  • Solving velocity challenges
  • Tackling complex reservoirs
  • Increasing accuracy and productivity through integrated high-definition interpretation
As part of our theatre program, Paradigm 15 value-added workflows will demonstrate:
  • Enriched velocity model updating
  • Quantitative Seismic Interpretation for interpreters and geophysicists
  • Efficient pore pressure prediction throughout the drilling cycle
Special thanks to our customers, who will be sharing their experiences using Paradigm solutions:
  • GALP Energia -  Portugal
  • PetroTrace Global – “Turning Data into Knowledge”
  • VNG Norge - Norway
You are invited to register for our daily Lunch and Learn sessions during the Monday evening Ice Breaker Reception, or on the morning of the Lunch and Learn you wish to attend.

For the complete list of demos, please click here.

For further information, please contact Carmen Comis.

Paradigm Papers in the EAGE Technical Program

Fourth-Order NMO Velocity for Compressional Waves in Layered Orthorhombic Media, by Z. Koren* & I. Ravve (Paradigm)
Session: Velocity Model Building - Theory I
Date and Time: Tuesday, June 2, 16:55
Location:  Room N102

Long Offset Asymptotic Moveout for Compressional Waves in Layered Orthorhombic Media, by I. Ravve* & Z. Koren (Paradigm)
Session: Velocity Model Building - Theory II
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 3, 09:30
Location:  ePosters 1

Observing Amplitude Uncertainties for a Pre-salt Reservoir Using Illumination Study (Hit-maps), by A.R.Maul, F.S. Jardim, L.F. Falcão (Petrobras) & G.A.S. González* (Paradigm)
Session:  Seismic Reservoir Characterization I
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 3, 09:55
Location:  Room N105

Specular Enhancement and Diffraction Imaging, Tools for Reducing Exploration and Development Risk, by N.R. Benfield* (BG Group plc), A. Guise (BG Trinidad and Tobago) & D. Chase (Paradigm)
Session:  Diffraction Modelling & Imaging
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 3, 11:55
Location:  Room N116

Fracture and Stress from In Situ, Full-Azimuth Seismic Data - Application to a Kuwait Oil Field Dataset, by B.R. de Ribet* S.P. Shiv Pujan Singh, D.D. Duane Dopkin, P.K. Pramod Kumar, O.B. Osamah Al Bannaw (Paradigm); N.R. Narahi Srinivasa Rao, O.O. Olusegun Kolawole Osuntola, S.A. Samar Al Ashwak, Q.D. Qasem Dashti (Kuwait Oil Company)
Session:  Seismic Anisotropy in Fractured Reservoirs I
Date and Time:  Wednesday, June 3, 16:30
Location:  Room N105

An Effective Ghost Removal Method for Marine Broadband Seismic Data Processing, by O. Yilmaz* & E. Baysal (Paradigm)
Session:  Broadband - Deghosting
Date and Time: Thursday, June 4, 17:20
Location:  Room N103

5D Local Angle Gathers as an Ideal Representation for Directivity Driven Imaging by D. Chase and Z. Koren
Session:  Interpreting the Uncertain Seismic Image (Workshop No. 12)
Date and Time:  Friday, June 5, 9:30 - 17:30
Location:  N102