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Lunch & Learn Calgary

April 17, 2012
Suite: 2110 – 125 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta   T2G 0P6

Next Generation Formation Evaluation – Introducing Geolog® 7
Kim McLean, Paradigm

For close to thirty years, Geolog has been serving the oil and gas industry as the standard in well log data analysis, petrophysical analysis, and formation evaluation. Geolog’s rich history of innovation and practical application development has allowed companies to assess the economic viability of potential oil and gas fields with confidence.  Indeed, Geolog has had a tremendous impact on exploration and development programs around the world.
Geolog 7, the next-generation formation evaluation solution, continues this rich history with a fundamentally new look and style, usability enhancements, and new application features, delivering petrophysicists and geoscientists a forward-looking application that will continue to provide leadership in its market segment.
This demonstration will preview the Geolog 7 release, highlighting improvements in the user interface, application re-organization, and new application developments in the areas of uncertainty assessment, core evaluation (e.g. saturation height analysis, breakout analysis, acoustic anisotropy) and workflow enablement, including audit trail capture.
Supporting Products: Geolog 7
Supporting Technologies: Uncertainty Assessment, Image Log Processing, Core Evaluation

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