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Paradigm Interpretation Technology Forum – Jakarta

November 22, 2012
Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta
Mawar Room (Mezzanine Level)
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan
Jakarta, 10270, Indonesia
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Come and see how you can extract more value from your seismic data and gain a greater understanding of complex geology in order to increase productivity with no compromise in quality.  This half-day technical forum will demonstrate best-in-class interpretation technologies and workflows that will enable you to leverage your technology investment and increase confidence in your exploration and production decisions. Topics covered include:

Easy Time-to-Depth Conversion in a Complex Subsurface
Any time-to-depth conversion strategy has to carefully consider geologic conditions, the seismic velocity and the supporting data from wells.  In a complex structure, correctly defined velocity distribution along horizons without simplification is critical.  This presentation shows how our flexible and adaptable velocity modeling tools let you create robust, fit-for-purpose, time-to-depth conversion workflows for all geologic conditions, including those requiring a complex, multi-z interpretation.
Featured technology: SeisEarth® and Explorer®

Seismic Classification for Thin Sand Reservoirs
Seismic waveform-based classification has proven to be a very successful tool for identifying reservoir zones.  We show how it may be applied as part of a thin-reservoir workflow in combination with wavelet spectrum extension technologies. Reviewing the output in our advanced visualization window completes this simple but powerful workflow for generating and populating thin reservoir zones.
Featured technology: Seismic Data Attributes, Echos™, Stratimagic® and VoxelGeo®

What's New in Paradigm 2011.2
A high-level overview of the latest developments for enhanced interpretation productivity and performance in Paradigm’s 2011.2 release.

Data Management and Integration
With an emphasis on data sharing and easy access across both geographical and technical discipline divides, the Paradigm Epos® 4.1 data infrastructure provides a solid foundation for both the Paradigm suite and your contemporary geoscience workflows.

Please read the Event Agenda for a closer look at the topics being discussed and demonstrated at the forum.

For further information, please contact Felicia.goh@pdgm.com