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Paradigm Lunch and Learn - Calgary

September 20, 2012
Suite 2110 – 125 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta   T2G 0P6


SKUA reservoir engineering: Flow grids, upscaling, LGR, simulation, production data analysis
Production predictions will only be as good as the model on which they’re based.  That model, in turn, is only reliable if it captures the essential aspects of the reservoir's structure and connectivity, i.e. if it is representative of the underlying geological reality.

Paradigm SKUA® is an integrated, multi-disciplinary platform which helps close the gaps between seismic and geological interpretation, reservoir modeling and flow simulation.  It not only gives geoscientists the means to validate the geological model with respect to its dynamic response, but it also enables reservoir engineers to understand the impact of geology on production and ultimate recovery.

For the reservoir engineer, SKUA offers a collaborative environment to construct reservoir grids, rapidly and accurately upscale properties, prepare and run multiple flow simulations, analyze and compare results. It leads the way to geologically coherent production forecasts.  

This presentation will discuss:
  • Advances in flow simulation grids that are true to the interpreted geology yet are optimal for numerical models
  • A framework for efficiently investigating both static geological and dynamic production uncertainty.
Featured technology:  SKUA®

For more information, please contact Tracy Burt.