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Paradigm Lunch and Learn - Houston (1)

January 17 - 18, 2013
820 Gessner, Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77024

Paradigm invites you to the first session of its 2013 Lunch and Learn Series. Complimentary lunch will be served, followed by a presentation with live demo.

11:30 - Lunch
12:00 Presentation
1:00 - Conclusion


Cross-section with projected well paths & log tracks, together with interpretation on seismic data
Today’s geologists face challenges depending on the region in which they are working, the play-types under investigation, and their role in exploration, development or operations.  Visualization needs may range from a single composite well display to a cross-section containing 50 wells with log tracks and a live seismic backdrop.  Likewise, interpretation needs can range from picking a marker on a single well to requiring multi-well correlations and maps.  StratEarth® offers advanced capabilities to meet each of these roles and needs.

Full multi-track log displays along projected well paths in cross-sections incorporate transparency, track overlays, and track grid line controls.  Marker picking functionality has been extended to the cross-section view, giving the geologist the advantage of working with live seismic and horizons for validation.  Marker picking is made easy in both Cross Section and Well Section with the use of hotkeys for selecting, creating and moving markers.  Well-to-well correlation is facilitated by multiple log track “ghosting” to drag and drop single or multiple markers to other wells.

Real-time marker updates to the Epos® Well Data Manager and auto-update of structural grids in Basemap reduce cycle time when updating maps following marker interpretation.  Integration with the Epos data management system also allows easy opening or saving of logs, facies logs or markers during a StratEarth working session.

Well-to-well correlation, geological cross-sections, maps and 3D seismic data are all brought together in Paradigm 2011.2 to help create the best possible geological interpretation.

Featured Technology:  StratEarth®, SeisEarth®