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PESGB Geophysics Seminar - Quantitative Seismic Interpretation

October 24, 2017
The Geological Society
Picadilly, London, UK

Paradigm is pleased to present a paper at the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain Geophysics Seminar - Quantitative Interpretation, to be held at the Geological Society in London on Tuesday, 24th October.

11:15 am - Wavelet Interpolation for Rock Property Estimation
Dominique Mouliere​, QSI Product Manager

Dominique_sm.jpgParadigm Quantitative Seismic Interpretation quantifies the relevant parameters of the subsurface for each rock unit within the structural framework.  This technology provides answers to questions about rock type, lithology, reservoir properties, fluid fill and elastic properties, and helps users better evaluate the probability of drilling success.  Paradigm’s unique Prestack Maximum Likelihood Inversion (PMLI) is a full prestack inversion, which inverts each trace of an offset or angle gather, or partial angular sums, in time or depth domain.  It returns elastic properties simultaneously, resulting in a detailed description of the reservoir.

It is often necessary to provide multiple wavelets in order to obtain the most accurate inversion result. Interpolation between known wavelets is essential for inversion algorithms running on prestack data, as each trace of the gather requires its own wavelet. Unfortunately, straightforward wavelet interpolation methods do not always provide the required answer.  In such cases, Paradigm allows the user to choose between different interpolation methods.  

In this presentation, we will discuss several wavelet interpolation methods and their impact on the estimation of rock properties.