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PETEX 2012

November 20 - 22, 2012
Earls Court 2
Warwick Road
London, UK

Paradigm Presentation Schedule and Abstracts

Deeper Insight into the Subsurface

When you can see all that your data has to offer, connect workflows, and visualize outcomes with your team in one shared canvas, you’re experiencing true, collaborative geoscience. Knowledge is enriched, leading to greater confidence in your exploration and development decisions.

At PETEX 2012, we will show you how Paradigm applications enhance productivity with no compromise in quality. When you attend our demonstrations, you will see the newest advances in seismic imaging, stratigraphic velocity model building, quantitative interpretation using pre-stack data, formation evaluation, and reservoir modeling, for highest-quality results in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

For further information, and to book an appointment with a Paradigm representative, please contact Tanya.arrowsmith@pdgm.com.