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URTeC 2019

July 22 - 24, 2019
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO

The oil and gas industry is constantly looking for new solutions that support project and operational certainty.  At Emerson, we integrate new technology into our subsurface solutions and geoscience services to drive top quartile performance for our customers.

We invite you to join us at booth 434 at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference - URTeC 2019 in Denver, Colorado, July 22 - 24, 2019. Our booth presentations will highlight the end-to-end E&P software portfolio offered by Emerson’s Paradigm and Roxar solutions, aimed at:
  • Driving operational excellence and responsible asset management by connecting subsurface intelligence to surface operations
  • Optimizing efficiency, mitigating risk, and improving production forecasting using automated and integrated workflows, from seismic to production
  • Enhancing collaboration and reducing costs through cloud-based software delivery
  • Ensuring reliable data-based decision making with the help of advanced data analytics and machine learning methodologies
  • Delivering safe and economic discovery and recovery of hydrocarbons with our Geoscience Services

Program:  Surface-to-subsurface Insights

  • Full Azimuth Fracture Characterization and Diffraction Imaging Improves Shale Insights (Featured Technology: Full-Azimuth Imaging and Characterization)
  • Precision Depthing for Improved Well Landing and Horizontal Drilling (Featured Technology: Well Marker Mis-tie Tomography)
  • Machine Learning Successfully Predicts Facies Distribution in a Permian Basin Dataset (Featured Technology: Democratic Neural Network Association - DNNA)
  • Improving Horizontal Well Placement through Integrated Reservoir Modeling (Featured Technology:SKUA-GOCAD™)
  • Integrated Petrophysical Interpretation to Unlock Unconventional Reservoirs (Featured Technology:Facimage™/Geomechanical facies/Geolog™)
  • A Cloud Native Platform for Optimal Recovery of Unconventional Resources - Virtual Metering to Virtual Production Log (Featured Technology:Paradigm k: Virtual Metering to Virtual Production Log)
  • A Cloud Native Platform for Optimal Recovery of Unconventional Resources - Production Optimization​ (Featured Technology:Paradigm k: Predictive Gas Lift for Production Optimization)

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For more information, please contact Carmen.Comis@emerson.com.