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URTeC Unconventional Resources Technology Conference

July 24 - 26, 2017
Austin, Texas

Please visit us in booth 741, at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC), July 24-26 in Austin, Texas.  We invite you to attend live presentations aimed at providing critical insights into unconventional resource plays, enabled by Paradigm services, software and expertise.  

Presentation Topics

Topic Featured Technologies
Precision Depthing – Efficiently Matching Seismic to Well Markers Match in the Depth Domain Explorer™
Advanced Diffraction Imaging for High Resolution Interpretation and Fracture Characterization: Getting the Most Out of Seismic Data in Unconventional Plays EarthStudy 360®, SeisEarth® 
Accurately Pick and Correlate Well Markers, Utilizing Real-Time Data from High Angle and Horizontal Wells Geolog® Correlator, Geolog Geosteer®
Improving Horizontal Well Placement through Integrated Reservoir Modeling SKUA-GOCAD™
Integrated Petrophysical Interpretation Helps Unlock Unconventional Reservoirs   Geolog® 8
A Machine Learning Technique for Lithology and Fluid Content Prediction from Prestack Seismic Data: An Application to a Permian/Carboniferous Carbonate Reservoir  Rock Type Classification
Using Prestack Seismic to Understand Stress and Fractures Before You Frac
QSI-AzFP for Reservoir Geophysics

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