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Webinar: Applying Advanced Geophysical Software for Better Results in Geothermal Plays

March 31, 2016
Houston, Texas
3:00 PM CT
Paradigm brings over 30 years of scientific and technological advancements in the oil and gas, mining and environmental sectors to yet another industry, geothermal energy.

Please join our Webinar (3:00 PM CT) and learn how Paradigm's market-leading software solutions can be adapted to geothermal.

Presenter:  Hassane Kassouf, Global Technical Business Director - Reservoir Modeling and Geologic Interpretation Solutions


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Integrated view of geologic model, microseismic data and stimulated rock volume

Geothermal resources and enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) are often associated with unique operational challenges due to extreme temperatures, pressures and complex geology.

How does Paradigm optimize resource development in geothermal plays, from simple to complex?

By integrating all geothermal resource information within a unified 3D reservoir modeling environment, we improve understanding of the relationships between water injection/steam production, induced seismicity, and fracture systems.  This leads to an ultimate understanding of fluid flow paths for long-term, sustainable reservoir management.

Paradigm’s integrated approach helps discover geoscience, drilling and reservoir engineering correlations critical for assessing and developing geothermal plays, and creates a centralized location for both data and interpretations.

This Webinar will address all of the above issues, as well as these additional topics:  

  • Improved resource discovery and assessment
  • Multi-type data integration and management
  • Unified 3D visualization, geologic modeling and time-dependent data analysis
  • Thermal decline analysis and production forecasting
  • Seismicity monitoring and reporting
  • Natural and induced fracture detection
  • Well planning and drilling engineering
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

Hkassouf_cropped_sm.jpgHassane Kassouf is Global Technical Business Director for Paradigm’s Reservoir Modeling and Geologic Interpretation Solutions. He has over 10 years of experience employing his geologic knowledge and Paradigm’s technologies to help O&G companies make better decisions and increase efficiency in exploring, developing and producing hydrocarbons.  His expertise within asset development projects in the Middle East and North and South America spanned from devising and implementing technology strategies, to developing specialized geoscience workflows.  Hassane has a Geosciences Degree from the American University of Beirut.

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