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West Tech Breakfast, Geophysical Society Houston (GSH)

September 13, 2017
Schlumberger Facility
10001 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX  77042

At a GHS West Tech Breakfast Meeting, to be held September 13th, Peter Wang, Paradigm Geophysical Technical Advisor, will present a paper, A New Technique for Lithology and Fluid Content Prediction from Prestack Data: An Application to a Carbonate Reservoir.  The paper, co-authored by Kamal Hami-Eddine, Bruno de Ribet (Paradigm), Pascal Klein (EISTI University, Pau, France), Loic Richard (TOTAL), and Maelle Grout (ENGIE), presents a new neural network-based methodology called Democratic Neural Network Association (DNNA).

The talk is open to the general public, free of charge, and no registration is required for non-members.  GSH members, please register on the GHS Event page.

Time: 7:00 (breakfast) - 8:30.  Talk to begin at 7:30.

If you have questions about event registration or society membership, please contact GSH.


Peter-Wang_sm.jpgPeter Wang is a Geophysical Technical Advisor with Paradigm. He has a BS in Geosciences from Brown University, and an MS in Geophysics and MBA from the University of Houston. He has a thirty-year history in the geophysical industry, having also served at Schlumberger as a Principal Geophysicist, Product Champion, and Workflow Champion, and Amoco Production Company (now BP) as a Senior Petroleum Geophysicist onshore USA Gulf Coast and Gabon