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EAGE London Evening Talk

September 24, 2020
Online Event


Camille Cosson, a member of the Emerson E&P Reservoir Modeling and Engineering team, will be the featured speaker at the September evening talk of EAGE London.  The presentation, "Automatic Workflows with Machine Learning to Mitigate Production Risks", will be given online, beginning 18:30 UK time.

Participants may register here. Webinar joining details will be sent to registered participants 2 days before the event.


This presentation will focus on the value of multi-domain data and workflow integration for mitigating production costs and protecting return on investment. Strategic field management decisions are supported by risk assessment studies. They account for uncertainties on reservoir parameters: structure, rock types, rock petrophysics, fluid properties that impact reserves and flow performance.

Estimating uncertainties is a true challenge. The cumulative uncertainties at the reservoir level are the result of multi-domain processes: seismic imaging, velocity modeling, time-depth conversion, petrophysical, geological and seismic interpretation, lab tests, etc. This results in an overwhelming number of components that are usually left aside.

The Big Loop™ solution automates and integrates multi-domain workflows and combines them with a machine learning assisted history match solution. Subsurface uncertainties are captured at every stage. Throughout the history match process, the subsurface (G&G data) and field observations (production, RFT, PLT and 4D seismic) are assimilated. The output is an ensemble of geologically-consistent reservoir representations capturing the true range of possible reservoirs. Using this output, probabilistic risk analysis, field development and production scenarios can be tested to identify the most promising field plan, minimizing costs and protecting return on investment.


Camille_Cosson_new.pngCamille Cosson works within the Emerson E&P Reservoir Modeling and Engineering team. She is an expert in geological modeling and has worked on various field studies in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. She has knowledge in Petroleum Geoscience, Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Modeling, and provides her expertise in integrated reservoir studies. She holds a MSc degree in Petroleum Geoscience from the National School of Geology in Nancy, France.