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Operations Geology in 2020 and Beyond: Traditional and Modern Approaches

November 04 - 05, 2020
Virtual Event

Camille Cosson will deliver a Tech Byte presentation at the 5th Operations Geoscience Conference of the Geological Society of London. Camille's presentation, "Digital Solutions are Change Catalysts for Moving Operational Geoscientists from Cooperation to Agile Collaboration: Big Loop as an Exemplar", will be delivered on Thursday, November 5, at 11:10.


The role of digital transformation is firstly the adoption of new technologies to reduce manual processes and remove inefficiencies; secondly the adoption of best-in class behaviors to continue improving performance. To succeed in their digital transformation efforts E&P companies must adopt both. This presentation will present Big Loop, a technology that serves both purposes by catalyzing changes in asset team collaboration. The workflow provides a common basis for geoscientists that captures with high fidelity a global understanding of the field across a broad range of disciplines. Every geoscientist in the asset team owns the workflow. They can leverage the forward and feedback loop to learn more and gain a better understanding of the field features that lie within their disciplines. Team members can test and learn within their own domain, while also gauging the impact of their work on the overall results and the relationship with other jobs. This creates a powerful communication channel within the asset team.  Daily communication is established when new data arrives, but also at any time, if new problems or questions arise. With Big Loop, operations geoscientists are liberated from their own-discipline blinders, and the overall team becomes more autonomous, better organized, and more agile.
Big Loop delivers evergreen models - efficiently updated with new information and valid throughout the field life cycle


Camille_Cosson_new.pngCamille Cosson works within the Emerson E&P Reservoir Modeling and Engineering team. She is an expert in geological modeling and has worked on various field studies in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. She has knowledge in Petroleum Geoscience, Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Modeling, and provides her expertise in integrated reservoir studies. She holds a MSc degree in Petroleum Geoscience from the National School of Geology in Nancy, France.