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SPWLA Houston Chapter Software Show

Dec 10, 2021
7:45 AM–3:00 PM



Emerson is pleased to be a sponsor of the SPWLA Houston Chapter Software Showcase, to be held December 10 at the Hyatt Regency Houston Westside hotel.

Leomar Lopez Moreno, Geolog™ Subject Matter Expert, will deliver a presentation, "Geolog 21: Reduced Time to Results and Expanded Capabilities for Energy Transition Applications".  This will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in Geolog 21.

To register, visit the SPWLA Houston Chapter event site.


Analysis of sub-surface water reservoir properties and quality in Geolog 21

Geolog™ 21 is the newest version of Emerson E&P Software’s industry-leading solution for formation evaluation This release has been designed with user convenience in mind – from enhanced automation and new petrophysical functionalities, to increased openness through expanded connectivity to the Open Group OSDU™.

Geolog 21 optimizes processing time through a combination of new data selection tools and additional levels of automation to help the generalist user.  A new well inventory view helps users to rapidly analyze, filter and select subsets of well data at the project scale, while novel automatic parameter picking enables a rapid quick-look, multi-well formation evaluation workflow delivering reduced time to results.

In addition to updating the already rich petrophysical capabilities in Geolog by supporting more vendor tools and updating the rock physics workflow, Geolog 21 includes new and enhanced functionality for technologies that support additional markets, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS), geothermal energy, radioactive waste disposal and mining. The new geochemical water analysis workflow enables users to assess and report sub-surface water properties and quality in different prospects, from traditional oil and gas to geothermal and water resource assessment. 

Continuing Emerson’s commitment to openness and the OSDU initiative, Geolog 21 provides support for OSDU R3 read/write connectivity to allow users to load data into Geolog and write data back to the OSDU R3 instance.


Leomar Lopez Moreno is a Technical Support & Presales Advisor for Emerson E&P Software Formation Evaluation solutions. She has been with Emerson for over 13 years, during which time she has provided onsite support as a petrophysical technology and data management expert, working with clients in Latin America, North America and Europe. Leomar holds a bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering and a master's degree in Hydrocarbons Geochemistry from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.