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A Coherent Solution for Streamlining the Seismic Interpretation Workflow

February 08, 2022
This video is now available for viewing.

Presented by: 

Rob Bond, Director of Product Management for Seismic Interpretation and Infrastructure 
Lorena Guerra, Product Manager Interpretation Solutions

Featured Domain:  Seismic Interpretation
Featured Product:  SeisEarth


View multi-volume rendering, seismic classification and interpretation in a single integrated window

In today’s highly fragmented marketplace for G&G software solutions, especially in the interpretation domain, customers frequently find their attention spread across multiple user interfaces, data bases and data models, often from different vendors, in order to circumvent gaps in the capabilities of individual products.  This leads to a predictable decrease in productivity, as well as a reduction in the richness and accuracy of interpretation results.

In this presentation we will illustrate how Emerson answers these challenges with the latest version of the SeisEarth seismic interpretation platform, which integrates all of the capabilities that interpreters might otherwise struggle to access in a coherent fashion.
Advanced functionalities for seismic correlation and correction, synthetic well modeling and calibration, structural interpretation, seismic inversion, AVO analysis, machine-learning driven classification of seismic data, advanced visualization, geobody extraction, velocity modeling and domain conversion, volumetric analysis and well planning are all to be found in the same intuitive, interactive SeisEarth interpretation platform.



Rob Bond is the Director of Product Management for Seismic Interpretation and Infrastructure at Emerson E&P Software.  A 25-year veteran of Paradigm/Emerson, he has worked in Product Management for the past 8 years.  Prior to this, Rob worked in various customer-facing technical, advisory and managerial roles, in the UK, Norway, Bahrain and Australia. His current role involves many aspects of Emerson’s plans for the evolution of its solutions, including interoperability and maturation with the OSDU data platform, delivery of best-in-class technology in the cloud, and continued support of the company’s global user base for seismic interpretation and the underlying Epos Infrastructure.  Rob holds a First Class degree in Geological Sciences from Cambridge University, and prior to commencing his career with Emerson was engaged in postgraduate research in Structural Geology.  He is currently based in London, United Kingdom.

Lorena Guerra is Product Manager Interpretation Solutions at Emerson E&P Software.  She is a senior geophysicist with 25 years of industry experience, and has served as project manager for over 6 years. Her experience includes working in the exploration of conventional reservoirs, development of unconventionals, and shallow hazard interpretation. She previously worked at Landmark, Marathon Oil and Paradigm (later bought by Emerson). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in geophysical engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela. She is currently based in London, United Kingdom.