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A Leap in Productivity and Quality for Your Depth Imaging Projects

February 13, 2020
Recorded Webinar
This presentation is now available for viewing.

Presented by:  Gali Dekel,  Product Manager GeoDepth™ and EarthStudy 360™
Featured Domain:  Seismic Processing and Imaging
Featured Products:  GeoDepthEarthStudy 360


We are pleased to announce the first in a series of live broadcasts highlighting the new Paradigm™ 19 release. This release introduces new features that bring important value to the seismic imaging and modeling process, including:

  • Tomography multi-parameter mode - enhance productivity through automation of the velocity model building process.
  • Varying velocity update grid – enable high-definition shallow models while maintaining manageable run times.
  • Converted wave mode in EarthStudy 360™ – account for multi-component data when imaging the subsurface.


Gali Dekel is the Emerson E&P Software Product Manager for GeoDepth and EarthStudy 360. She has worked for six years as a scientific developer and researcher in the company’s Processing & Imaging division. Gali holds a PhD in Physics from Tel-Aviv University.