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Advanced Formation Pressure Analysis to Ensure a Better Production Plan

June 25, 2020
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Presented by: Fenny Chrisman, Software Application Support Geoscientist
Domain: Formation Evaluation
Product: Geolog



After drilling and logging,  the next step in the field is normally to run the formation testing tools. A formation testing tool is used to obtain true formation pressures. A probe draws down the formation fluid into a pre-test chamber. Formation tests are performed at various predetermined depths, in order to help identify fluid types. The vendor then provides the client with final data comprising depth, pressure and mobility. The raw data is stored in the vendor’s database and no longer utilized.

The Formation Pressure Testing (FT) workflow in Geolog includes three main modules: FT Analysis, FT Pretest QC and FT Plot/FT Track. These modules ae designed to give users a better understanding of their raw data, and to enable them to use the output to prepare an improved production plan, to optimize exploration and development costs.

  • The FT Analysis module enables the user to view and interpret formation testing pretest drawdowns and pressure buildups on a per depth station basis. 
  • The FT Pretest QC module helps the user understand and score pretest points and check on their validity, so that unrepresentative pressures can be easily excluded from gradient interpretations. 
  • The FT Plot/ FT Track module enables the viewing and interpretation of formation pressure test data in both single and multiwell modes. 

These modules have been successful in revealing hidden potential in mature fields, which have been further proven by perforation.


Fenny-Chrisman.pngFenny Chrisman is a Software Application Support Geoscientist for Geolog in the Asia Pacific region.  She holds a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from Trisakti University in Jakarta. She is a member of AAPG, SPWLA and IPA.