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Big Loop: Calibrating Subsurface Models for Reliable Concept Production Design and Forecasting

April 02, 2020
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Presented by:  Usman Aslan
Product:  Big Loop



Uncertainty quantification in the structure (left), relative permeability (upper top), and phase envelope (lower bottom) using an integrated and collaborative ensemble-based evergreen workflow for reliable production forecasts.

Big Loop is an automated ensemble-based technology that tightly integrates the static and dynamic domains. It enables asset teams to capture uncertainties at every stage of the modeling workflow, allowing them to understand the impact of these uncertainties on the decision-making process. Big Loop employs state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to produce geologically consistent ensembles of history matched models calibrated to production and optionally 4D seismic data. These ensembles can be reliably used to forecast production performance from oil and gas fields. Being repeatable and updatable, the Big Loop workflow enables the incorporation of data acquired after the model is built and history matched.

Big Loop Benefits

  • A highly customizable solution to create fit-for-purpose subsurface models.
  • Significantly reduce cycle time.
  • Fosters collaboration through an integrated platform.
  • Help mitigate risk and reduce uncertainty in the oil and gas production forecasts by employing a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm.
  • Allows incorporating new data whenever it becomes available.  


Usman Aslam is a Reservoir Engineer Advisor with Emerson’s Exploration and Production Software and worked with the company in Norway, the UK, and in the US. Usman has 14+ years of diversified and cross-disciplinary international consulting experience and is highly skilled in classic reservoir engineering, numerical simulation modeling, history matching, production forecasting, reserves and resource estimation and planning, production optimization, field development planning, and integrated reservoir studies. He has successfully delivered numerous complex onshore and offshore conventional and unconventional field development projects for the leading Oil and Gas E&P companies.