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Compositional Simulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery with State-of-the Art Co2 Injection Simulation

April 29, 2020
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Presented by:  Vikram Agarwal
Domain: Reservoir Engineering
Product:  Tempest



Tempest™ MORE is an industry standard Reservoir Simulation software for both black oil and compositional simulation studies.  This presentation highlights the capabilities and features of Tempest MORE for EOS (Equation of State) simulations. Special emphasis is placed on simulation of miscible injection studies using Co2 as a solvent and existing MORE feature to simulate and study Co2 injection studies. The main features include:

  1. EOS simulation with Separators, multiple EOS regions, EOS variation with temperature in a field
  2. Equilibration options in EOS runs
  3. Produced gas re-injection facilities
  4. Gas recovery plants
  5. WAG cycles
  6. Multiphase flash option for Co2 injection at low temperatures
  7. Scaling of relative permeability curves as miscibility is approached
  8. Solubility of hydrocarbons in water and water solubility in hydrocarbons
  9. Trapped oil saturation in the Co2 injection process
  10. The four-phase Todd-Longstaff solvent model
  11. Using tracers to track fluid movements

Tempest MORE is extensively used by clients in North America for simulating Co2 injection processes in their fields. Several success stories will be presented showing how the technology was used to successfully predict recovery from different fields and under different recovery mechanisms.

Tempest MORE has its own set of keywords to make a complete simulation model. It can also read ECLIPSE data files and supports ECLIPSE keywords and their format. The licensing scheme is very flexible and gives access to all the features with a single license. It also supports running a simulation job on 16 cores in parallel with a single license.


Vikram-Agarwal.jpgVikram Agarwal is a Senior Reservoir Engineer at Emerson E&P Software. Based in the Middle East, he has more than 15 years of experience. He graduated as a Petroleum Engineer from IIT-ISM India in 2004. His interests and areas of expertise include compositional simulation, PVT studies, uncertainty analysis, Enhanced Oil Recovery processes, and reservoir simulator design. He can be reached at