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Effectively Matching Seismic to Wells in the Depth Domain

August 08, 2017
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Presented by:  Joanne Wang
Featured Domain:  Processing and Imaging
Featured Technologies:  GeoDepth Tomography



One of the major challenges of seismic interpretation is seismic to well tie in the depth domain. When seismic is processed through isotropic velocity modeling and migration, we more often than not observe that seismic depth deviates from well depth of the same geological formation.

The criteria of seismic velocity modeling are to match seismic data to well data, to maintain the seismic velocity spatial variation and to avoid any artifacts, such as bull's eyes. 

Paradigm well data constrained time-preserving tomography provides the solution. This presentation illustrates technologies, workflows and examples of grid-based and model-based tomography.  With these technologies, accurate seismic time to depth conversion or re-depthing can be achieved efficiently by seismic interpreters.


Joanne-Wang_plain_background.jpgJoanne Wang is Manager for Integrated Geoscience Workflow Development at Paradigm. In this role, she is responsible for developing integrated workflows in the areas of reservoir characterization (conventional and unconventional), pore pressure prediction, velocity model building and time-to-depth conversion.  Joanne has over 20 years of industry experience and holds a Master of Science degree in Geophysics from the Graduate School of China University of Geosciences.