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Emerson Collaboration and Contribution to the OSDU Forum

November 16, 2021
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Presented by:

  • Alice Chanvin, Director of Product Management for Data Management and Interoperability, Emerson E&P Software
  • Richard Pelling, Director for Formation Evaluation and Drilling Engineering, Emerson E&P Software
  • Rob Bond, Director of Product Management for Seismic Interpretation and Infrastructure, Emerson E&P Software
  • Dhruv Vashisth, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS



Our industry is experiencing major changes – technological transition and adaptation to the world’s changing energy needs. To facilitate digital transformation and enable innovative workflows the Open Group OSDU Forum is developing an Open Source, standards-based, technology-agnostic data platform. 

As one of the earliest software providers to join the group in 2018, Emerson is committed to the success of the OSDU global initiative. This webinar presents Emerson’s vision with OSDU data platform on AWS, and various Emerson’s initiatives, implementations and contributions. Our team will demo a combined workflow for petrophysicists and seismic interpreters directly utilizing seismic and well data stored in OSDU data platform. Reservoir data support in OSDU will also be presented, reviewing Emerson’s expertise and open source code contribution for Reservoir DDMS, enabling multi-disciplinary integrated reservoir workflows.


Alice Chanvin is Director of Product Management for Data Management and Interoperability at Emerson E&P Software. She has worked in product management for the past 7 years at Paradigm/Emerson. For over 10 years, Alice worked in various roles in Reservoir Modeling, with many operators in Europe and Middle East. During this time, she gained expertise in various G&G contexts and dealt with the complexity of data silos and data transfer in Integrated Reservoir studies. In her current role, she focuses on data management by integrating and storing earth modeling data in a standard-based open relational cloud datastore (Reservoir DDMS). In her current role, she actively promotes industry standards and is involved in the OSDU Reservoir Data Initiative and leading Reservoir Data Model OSDU Subcommittee. Alice holds a Master’s degree in Petroleum Geology from Ecole National Superieure de Geologie in Nancy, France. She is based in Paris.


Richard Pelling is Director for Formation Evaluation and Drilling Engineering at Emerson E&P Software.  After an early research career covering applied machine learning, the physics of nuclear logging tools and reservoir characterization, he moved into commercial software development and joined Mincom to work on their Geolog FE software. Richard became Geolog Product Manager when the product was acquired by Paradigm in 1999. Now, with over 20 years in global product management at Paradigm/Emerson, Richard remains motivated to combine his knowledge of software engineering and business, to deliver quality products that meet the evolving requirements of clients. He holds a PhD in Geology from the University of Nottingham, and a First Class degree in Applied Geology and Masters in IT Systems from the University of Strathclyde.


Rob Bond is Director of Product Management for Seismic Interpretation and Infrastructure at Emerson E&P Software.  A 25-year veteran of Paradigm/Emerson, he has worked in Product Management for the past 8 years.  He has held various customer-facing technical, advisory and managerial roles in the UK, Norway, Bahrain and Australia. In these positions, he promoted Emerson’s integrated G&G software portfolio and supported customers in their migration to, and use of its applications, with a particular focus on seismic interpretation.  Rob’s current role involves many aspects of Emerson’s plans for the evolution of its solutions, including interoperability and maturation with the OSDU data platform, delivery of best-in-class technology in the cloud, and continued support of the company’s global user base for seismic interpretation and the underlying Epos infrastructure. Rob holds a First Class degree in Geological Sciences from Cambridge University, and prior to his career with Emerson did postgraduate research in Structural Geology.  He is based in London.


Dhruv Vashisth, Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS. Dhruv has more than 17 years of experience in architecting and leading development to deliver enterprise solutions, including 13 years in the energy industry spanning multiple domains and workflows. Since joining AWS, Dhruv has been working with global energy partners to architect, build and go-to-market. He has been leading OSDU data platform integration with AWS partners. Dhruv has a Master’s degree in computer science and is based in Houston, Texas.