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Formation Tester Pretest QC - Geolog

May 29, 2018
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Presented by:  
Anish Tkrishnapillai, Senior Technical Advisor Petrophysical Solutions
Featured Domain:  Formation Evaluation
Featured Technologies:  Geolog® 



Formation pressure measurements from a wireline or LWD formation tester tool can be used to calculate gradients in order to verify fluid types and fluid contacts, identify barriers and improve petrophysical analysis. The formation pressure measurement deliverables from service companies, which are usually a spreadsheet summary containing the essential data and recommendations regarding test quality, can be subjective and inconsistent.

This presentation shows the ability in Geolog 18  to determine the validity of formation pressure recorded by formation pressure testing tools, to help analysts view, understand and score pretest points so that unrepresentative pressures can be easily excluded from gradient interpretations. In this way, the best quality test points will be used in the analysis of fluid gradients.  This presentation is based on an SPWLA published technical paper (Automatically Quantifying Wireline and LWD Pressure-Test Quality of 2014) by Mark Proett of Saudi Aramco.


Anish-Krishnapillai.pngAnish Tkrishnapillaiis a Senior Technical Advisor at Paradigm, specializing in petrophysical solutions. In this role, he provides technical support to the sales teams for all formation evaluation workflows. Anish holds a Master's Degree in Applied Geology from the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India.