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Geothermal Analysis and Reservoir Management - The Geysers Case Study

January 27, 2022
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We invite you to join us for a series of live broadcasts where the Emerson user community will share how they have applied Emerson’s comprehensive subsurface solutions to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and develop environmentally sustainable projects.

We are pleased to welcome our first guest speaker, Craig Hartline of Calpine Corporation, who will be presenting together with Adrien Caudron, Technical Sales Director for Emerson E&P Software in North America.  Since 2011, Calpine has been leveraging Emerson’s SKUA-GOCAD™ solutions for 3D model building and visualization to aid with 3D induced seismicity analysis and mitigation efforts for The Geysers Geothermal Field.  

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The Geysers fieldwide structural model 

Since 2011, Calpine has been leveraging SKUA-GOCAD modeling software for 3D model building and visualization to aid with 3D induced seismicity analysis and mitigation efforts for The Geysers Geothermal Field. Calpine initially utilized well-developed workflows for the animation of spatiotemporal relationships between water injection rates and resulting induced seismicity throughout The Geysers. It soon became clear that Emerson’s SKUA-GOCAD workflows would allow the flexibility to constrain Geysers’ 3D structural model with a broad range of existing data, including more than 900 lithology logs, steam entries, temperature logs, pressure logs, tracer patterns, heat flow patterns, non-condensable gas patterns, surface geologic maps and induced seismicity hypocenter patterns.

Utilizing this data, Calpine committed the necessary resources towards building a fieldwide 3D structural model, and the detailed analysis capabilities within the software have improved Calpine’s understanding of The Geysers, including its complex 3D subsurface structure, fluid flow paths and boundaries, reservoir heterogeneity and compartmentalization. In addition, the software’s advanced visualization allows the continuously evolving 3D model to be used as a communication tool across disciplines. Calpine’s subsurface specialists are using it for planning water injection and steam production wells, real-time drilling monitoring (with daily updates to directional surveys and lithology information), and frequent public outreach regarding induced seismicity and risk mitigation.


Craig Hartline has served since October 2010 as Senior Geophysicist at Calpine Corporation in The Geysers in northern California. Calpine is the world’s largest renewable geothermal electrical energy facility. Craig specializes in work involving SKUA GOCAD 3D visualization and modeling software, including the development a 3D structural model for The Geysers’ subsurface. This allows the team of geoscientists and engineers to better understand the geothermal resource and assists in the drilling of wells to target this massive dry steam resource that is recharged using tertiary-treated wastewater from the surrounding communities. Craig is also responsible for outreach to public, industry, regulators and academia concerning The Geysers’ induced seismicity (including detailed semi-annual presentations).

From June 1991 through October 2010 Craig was employed as a geoscientist by Phillips Petroleum/ ConocoPhillips. 

Adrien Caudron is the Technical Sales Director for Emerson E&P Software in North America. He has a total of 25 years’ experience in the energy industry as a senior geologist and data scientist, with 15 years of hands-on experience in reservoir modeling and geomechanical hazard prediction. He was employed by Paradigm for 10 years, before joining the French Institute of Petroleum, and eventually rejoining Emerson 2 years ago.  Adrien holds a M.E in Geology from Nancy University, a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from McGill University, and a MBA from Rice University.