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How to Properly Integrate Output from Various Disciplines into Geomodeling Projects

February 08, 2018
Live Webinar

Presented by:  Thomas Jerome, Senior Geomodeler
Featured Domain:  Interpretation and Modeling
Featured Technologies:  SKUA-GOCAD™
Duration:  35:49



A geomodel is a 3D representation of the reservoir which must respect the data, while also taking into account what each geoscientist and engineer has inferred about the reservoir based on that data.

Unfortunately, the different interpretations rarely fit together like pieces in a puzzle.  To resolve this dilemma, the geomodeler must understand the gaps existing between different disciplines' workflows.

This presentation covers some of the problems faced by the author over the years, and presents ways to manage them.  The following topics will be covered:

  • How much importance should be given to hand-contoured maps?
  • What level of collaboration is needed with petrophysicists?
  • How should one manage flow simulation engineers' expectations?
  • Why is it that volumes computed from a 3D model are not always the ones used for reporting reserves and resources?


Thomas_Jerome_crop.jpgThomas Jerome is a Senior Geomodeler who works as an independent consultant for his company, GMDK. Thomas has 15 years of experience in geomodeling, including in projects using Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD™. 

Thomas earned a Masters degree in Geology from ENSG, the school in France where GOCAD was created by a team working under Professor Jean-Laurent Mallet. The passion for geomodeling that Thomas gained during those years has never left him.