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Improved Workflow for Sonic Processing

August 05, 2020
This presentation is now available for viewing.


Presented by: Sumanta Sarkar, Technical Sales Advisor III, Emerson E&P Software
Domain: Formation Evaluation
Product:  Geolog



Sonic-Processing.pngThe full waveform sonic processing module is used to process and interpret array sonic logs, from raw data to results, including anisotropy processing. This enables maximum stress direction determination for the calculation of geomechanical properties.

The Full Waveform Sonic processing workflow has been reorganized and improved with added data preparation modules grouped by vendor acoustic tools, new modules that combine typical tasks offering streamlined processing and interpretation sequences, and predefined layouts.  Together, these make the processing and interpretation of acoustic waveform data easier than ever.

The new data preparation modules replace the Load Specification File processing step for the following acoustic tools: Schlumberger (DSI, SonicScanner, SonicVision), Baker Hughes (MAC, XMAC, XMAC-Elite & F1, SoundTrak), Halliburton (WaveSonic), and Pathfinder (CLSS). In addition, a generic module - Generic Tool - is provided to process data from tools that are currently not supported, enabling the user to manually enter all the required tool-specific parameters.

The required waveform logs are automatically picked up by the data preparation modules. Output logs have standardized formats and names, making subsequent processing steps uniform, regardless of the logging tool.  A layout for viewing raw waveform data is provided. A new Semblance Preprocessing module combines the typical tasks performed before semblance processing: frequency filtering, average filtering and stacking (an enhanced feature).


Sumanta-Sarkar.jpgSumanta Sarkar is a Petrophysicist and Technical Sales Advisor for Geolog. His main interests are the study and interpretation of sonic waveforms, image data, and integration of all petrophysical data for wellbore stability studies. Prior to joining Paradigm/Emerson, Mr. Sarkar was Petrophysics Team Lead for Schlumberger based in India. With some 15 years of industry experience, Mr. Sarkar holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Geology from IIT Roorkee, India, and an MBA specializing in Marketing from ITM University, India.