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Improving Drilling Safety and Well Economics through Integrated Pore Pressure Prediction

January 24, 2017
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Presented by:  Lorena Guerra, Product Manager for Seismic Attributes, Pore Pressure, Unconventionals, and VoxelGeo®
Featured Domain:  Interpretation
Featured Technology:  QSI-PPP, FastVel®, CVI, Geolog®, SeisEarth®, Seismic Attributes, Epos®, Paradigm® 17



Accurate pore pressure prediction analysis can impact a wide range of E&P operations.  It can save lives by ensuring safe drilling programs, save money by optimizing operational constraints, and rank prospects for risk during exploration.  Pore pressure prediction is important in many basins around the world where overpressure formations are encountered.

The analysis is performed at different scales using a variety of data types.  At the well, wireline data, mud weight data and other drilling parameters are used to estimate a log-based 1D-pore pressure response.  At the seismic scale, seismic velocities are used to estimate a pore pressure distribution that inherits characteristics from the seismic data. It is less accurate vertically than a 1D well scale prediction, but provides a 3D spatially varying description of pore pressure.

To be meaningful, one must ensure that these seismic velocities are geologically plausible, and corrected for anisotropy effects using fit-for-purpose methods such as high-resolution residual and tomography updates, and constrained velocity inversion. The spread of pore pressure prediction tools across different domains strengthens interdisciplinary collaboration and enables the integration and exchange of data, resulting in more accurate predictions while reducing operational cycle times.

This lecture shows examples of Paradigm's pore pressure prediction technology at the well and seismic levels.  We also present technology used for velocity refinement, to obtain high-resolution, geologically constrained, seismic velocity data for pore pressure analysis.


Lorena-Guerra_sm-(1).jpgLorena Guerra is the Paradigm Product Manager for Seismic Attributes, Pore Pressure, Unconventionals, and VoxelGeo.  She is an expert in 3D interpretation and visualization, having worked for Marathon Oil and Landmark Graphics before coming to Paradigm.  Lorena has a B.Sc. degree in Geophysical Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela.