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Improving Resolution with the Seismic Method

March 20, 2018
Recorded Webinar

Presented by:  Alistair Downie
Featured Domain:  Seismic Processing and Imaging
Featured Technologies:  Echos®, EarthStudy 360®, Epos® 
Duration:  19:46



Spatial and temporal seismic resolutions have improved dramatically over the years, through a combination of seismic acquisition, processing, imaging and inversion methods.  A high-resolution interpretation deliverable for prospecting is more achievable when a careful combination of technologies in all of these domains is used, with particular attention paid to the known properties of the earth model.  These broadband technologies become the building blocks of a more comprehensive workflow that should be considered for any high-resolution objective.

In the past few years several technologies have achieved notable attention, including broadband deghosting, azimuthal imaging and inversion, and Q-estimation and compensation.  These are often pre-requisite inputs for seismic inversion when prospecting and developing fields with thin beds or other high-resolution subsurface targets.  The resulting images allow geoscientists to resolve geologic features not resolvable by conventional technologies and acquisition methods.  When applied correctly, these technologies improve seismic-to-well bore correlations.

This presentation will incorporate four technologies:

  1. Broadband deghosting at source and receiver locations to condition the seismic spectrum for other operations (e.g. inversion)
  2. Full-azimuth decomposition in the local angle domain to improve velocity resolution
  3. Q-estimating from seismic data for application in Q-imaging methods formulated in the local angle domain
  4. Seismic inversion with stochastic refinement, for improved vertical resolution of elastic properties
These technologies provide the basis for a stronger Quantitative Seismic Interpretation program, while making seismic data more relevant for both legacy and modern seismic acquisitions.