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Integrate Geological Context into Your Interpretation for Improved Prospect Identification

October 08, 2019
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Presented by: Ross Findlay, Technical Support & Presales Advisor, Interpretation
Domain: Interpretation & Modeling
Product:  SeisEarth



In early stages of exploration, geoscientists must screen several areas to determine which ones have the greatest chance of yielding oil and gas accumulations. In this screening process, timescales are tight and quite often only limited data is available.

The first task is to quickly set up a project, allowing efficient screening of the available data and import from different sources. As in any geoscience study, the goal is to quickly extract from this data as much information  as possible. However, due to  time and data constraints, in many cases the most up-to-date technologies cannot be applied.

The integration of the geological context is key to understanding the play and taking the appropriate decision. In those studies,  teams often need to be able to capture information from analogs or literature in the interpretation platform and apply a model-driven approach. Once an area of interest is identified, the ability to perform further investigations on the same platform, such as applying fast to run classification methodologies, can prove to be a game-changer, allowing you to mature your leads to drillable prospects and calculate associated volumetrics. In this presentation we will show how the Emerson E&P interpretation platform has the flexibility to allow you to tailor your exploration workflow to suit the available data.


Ross-Findlay.jpgRoss Findlay is a Technical Support & Presales Advisor for Emerson E&P Software Interpretation solutions. He is a geophysicist with a background in seismic interpretation.  Previous roles have included Geophysicist at LR Senergy and Petroleum Geoservices (PGS). Ross holds BSc Hons in Geology & Petroleum Geology from the University of Aberdeen and  an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience from the University of Adelaide.