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Integrated Production Management using METTE

May 22, 2018
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Presented by:  
Stian Engebretsen, Product Specialist
Featured Domain:  Production Management
Featured Technologies:  METTE



Successful production management involves evaluating the flow of hydrocarbons in the reservoir, through the production network terminating at a processing facility. Through coupled reservoir and production network simulations, METTE provides predicted variations of mass and energy balances for the total production system, throughout the life of a field. The results allow identification of system bottlenecks, the effect of artificial lift and/or pressure boosting, and the evaluation of that effect for different production strategies. Integrated field modeling is one of the main modules in METTE, which also includes virtual metering, transient simulations and lookup/performance calculations.

This presentation will introduce the different modules as a tool for production technologists in supporting field development work and evaluations for fields in production.


Stian-Engebretsen_sm.jpgStian Engebretsen is a Product Specialist working at Emerson Roxar in Oslo, Norway. He has been working with the METTE flow assurance application for four years, where he is involved in software development, testing, support and presentation. Stian holds a MSc Degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.