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Integration of the Geophysical and Geologic Earth Models for Improved Seismic Imaging and Inversion

February 06, 2018
Recorded Webinar

Presented by:  Gaby Yelin, Business Development Manager for Processing & Imaging, North America
Featured Domain:  Processing and Imaging
Featured Technologies:  GeoDepth®, SKUA®
Duration:  19:24



An optimal earth model is one that follows both geophysical and geological laws and assumptions.  When properly applied using the seismic method, we obtain flattened image gathers, a better seismic image that matches well tops, and an earth model that accurately reflects structure and stratigraphy.  This proposition is generally true, but it becomes particularly challenging to implement and requires intense human resources when working in areas with complex structures, such as overthrusts, rotated blocks or highly faulted regimes. 

Paradigm's solution to this challenge includes the integration of geomodeling and velocity modeling, where subsurface displacement updates between the disciplines and supporting products are synchronized.  The solution accounts for both fault displacements and multi-value surfaces with tomography update support.  A sealed velocity model is generated at the onset of the workflow and maintained throughout, making the process of complex model building more efficient and less human intensive, without compromising model accuracy.  The final earth model honors both geophysical and geological invariants.

Two industry-leading products, GeoDepth (Velocity Determination) and SKUA (Subsurface Modeling) provide the foundation for this workflow, where SKUA incorporates all of the structural and stratigraphic model detail and GeoDepth provides the parameterization and updating of high-resolution anisotropic velocities.  This presentation will cover the velocity modeling workflow and its effect on imaging and inversion outcomes.


Gaby-Yelin_old1.jpgGaby Yelin is Business Development Manager for the Processing & Imaging domain in North America. Gaby has been with Paradigm for over 10 years, in different roles within the Processing and Imaging field.  Gaby holds an MSc in Geophysics.