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Network Flow Simulation in Big Loop

January 22, 2019
Recorded Webinar
This presentation is now available for viewing.


Presented by:  Daud Machukaev, Technical Expert, Department of Service Projects, CIS
Featured Domain:  Reservoir Modeling
Featured Product:  METTE, Tempest™ Suite, Big Loop™



Big Loop is a cutting-edge technology for quantitative risk assessment in hydrocarbon field development. Initially designed to combine multi-realization geomodeling and reservoir flow simulation, it continues to evolve, expanding to other stages of modeling, such as petrophysical interpretation and network flow simulation. 

The project undertaken to assess the risks of developing an offshore gas condensate field helped to better understand the benefits and limitations of integrating network flow modeling in the Big Loop simulation process. The case demonstrates that accounting for the restrictions imposed by wells and a gathering system can significantly affect risk assessment, as it causes changes in the field depletion plan, thus influencing the cost of the project. 


Daud-Machukaev_sm.jpgDaud Machukaev is a Technical Expert in the Department of Service Projects in Roxar CIS, specializing in multi-realization modeling and uncertainty assessment. Mr. Machukaev holds a M.Sc. degree in oil and gas geology, from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. Prior to joining Roxar in 2008, he worked as a Research Assistant at the University.