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Optimizing Target Locations to Enhance Production and Improve NPV

March 19, 2019
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Presented by: Luis Hernando Perez, Senior Consultant
Featured Domain: Reservoir Engineering
Featured Product:  Tempest Suite, RMS



Operators need tools that allow them to overcome the daily challenges of where and how to drill. They also need to identify an optimal field development scenario that helps reduce risks and improves the project’s economical value.

The Tempest ENABLE suite, with the help of the unique RMS approach for integrating exploration and production data to better locate wells, allows oil and gas operating companies to maximize produced barrels per well and, therefore increase their projects' NPV.

Tempest ENABLE helps evaluate project uncertainties by driving the Tempest MORE simulator through hundreds of realizations, optimizing the well locations and allowing a complete analysis of and direct comparison between several development scenarios. All this, with more accurate and faster simulations during the history matching, forecast and optimization cycles of the project.

The result of this workflow provides oil and gas operating companies with a better understanding of reservoir uncertainties, helping them avoid sub-economical decisions, mitigating risk, and increasing the projects' net value.


Luis-Hernando-Perez_sm.jpgLuis Hernando Perez  is a senior consultant with Emerson E&P software solutions. Luis is a Petroleum Engineer with more than 12 years of experience as geomodeler and reservoir engineer in the oil industry, focusing on clastic and carbonate reservoir 3D modeling and numerical simulation in countries like Mexico, Venezuela and Canada. Luis has taken part in several  multidisciplinary teams in Reservoir Characterization projects that require geophysical, geological, petrophysical, reservoir engineering, and production result integration and analysis.